Verifying your Identity to Meet KYC/AML

Verifying your Identity to Meet KYC/AML (Know Your Customer/Anti-Money Laundering) Regulatory Requirements
Starting Thursday, February 4th, 2021, every member must complete their Identity Verification to comply with KYC/AML. Please, help us serve you better by completing your KYC requirements.  Our Identity Verification process is seamless and easy and will take only a few minutes of your time.

Before you begin the Identity Verification Process, you will need:

  1. Access to a device (such as mobile) with a camera:
    – Desktop Browser with webcam
    – Mobile device with camera
    iOS NOTE: Please note on iOS (and iPadOS) devices, only Safari browser can fully access the camera. Firefox, Chrome, or other browsers may not have camera access on iOS (and iPadOS) and you would not be able to verify your identity on non-Safari browsers.
    Camera will be required to:
    – Scan your non-expired government issued ID
    – Take live biometric picture of you to confirm an ID match.

  2. Official non-expired government ID such as Passport.  Driver’s License may be used in the USA and limited number of countries.
    – For verification from desktop/laptop you have the option to scan your non-expired government ID in advance or use a connected webcam to take picture of it
    – For mobile, you use your camera to scan your non-expired government ID.


  1. Launch the Advanced Mining Profile Manager site ( You may need to log in again.

  2. From Profile Manager, if you are not already verified, you will see the “Verification Required” button:

    Verifying your Identity img1
  3. Click “Verification Required” to start Identity Verification process (provided by our partner and provider, Jumio).
    NOTE: This launches a partner site

    Verifying your Identity img2

  4. When you are ready to start the process at, click the ‘Start’ button.

  5. Select the country/region that issued your non-expired government ID then choose from the available ID type.

    Verifying your Identity img3

    NOTE: Driver’s license and Identity card options may not be available in all regions or countries.

  6. Choose a method to capture a picture or scan of your non-expired government ID:

    Verifying your Identity img4

    Mobile is recommended for most:

    Verifying your Identity img5

    NOTE: Example camera function screenshots will be from mobile device. iOS users, please be sure to use Safari browser for this.

  7. Follow the onscreen instructions to submit a clear picture or scan of your non-expired government issued ID.





  8. You will be redirected back to Advanced Mining Profile Manager at the end of the process:

    Verifying your Identity img10

  9. The verification result takes between 3 – 20 minutes

    Verifying your Identity img11

Important! All US residents with SSN must fill out this IRS W9 Form.
I already filled out this form.
I am not a US resident, and I don't have a SSN.