Bitmain SM5 (Sophon SM5)

Technical Specifications

AI chip 1 BM1684
AI computing power FP32(FLOPS)
INT8(TOPS) Winograd OFF
INT8(TOPS) Winograd ON
Memory configuration Standard configuration 12GB
CPU capacity CPU (SOC host mode) 8-core ARM A53, 2.3GHz main frequency
High speed data interface
(connector interface)
PCIE EP interface
PCIE RC interface
Ethernet ports
PCIE 3.0, X45
PCIE 3.0, X4
Dual Gigabit Ethernet ports
Video decoding and encoding Video decoding capability

Video decoding format
Maximum decoding resolution
Video coding
960fps @1080P
(38ch 1080P@25FPS)

H.264 and H.265
Support 4K, 8K (semi-real time)
2ch 1080P@25FPS
Picture decoding and encoding performance 480 PCS/sec @1080p
Low speed data interface RS485 / RS232 / GPIO / SDIO / PWM / I2C / SPI etc.
Connector 144-pin connector
Power consumption Typical power consumption less than 20W
Maximum power consumption 25W
Heat dissipation mode SM5-P includes passive heatsink
SM5-A includes active cooling fan
L x W x H 87 x 65 x 8mm without heatsink
92 x 70 x 20.1mm
(SM5-P includes passive heatsink)
92 x 70 x 20.1mm
(SM5-A includes active cooling fan)
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